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  • Tiger Testing is a world-class turnkey service provider delivering COVID-19 testing solutions for medium to large corporations. At Tiger Testing, we can offer your organization onsite workforce testing customized to match your unique needs. Tiger Testing’s goal is to get your personnel back to work quickly, proficiently, and safely though a largescale testing event. No matter what your testing needs, we’ve got the right fit for your business.

    Tiger Testing has partnered with a network of medical providers giving us the ability to perform tests on 50 - 5,000 personnel at your office, plant, facility, or other designated locations.

  • Our response teams can offer an array of best-in-class COVID-19 testing technologies administered by clinical professionals. We deliver a wide range of turnaround times from as little as ten minutes for a Healgen test to a mere 48 hours (onced received from the lab) for the traditional PCR tests. All Tiger Testing samples are processed in CLIA-certified labs meeting CDC guidelines. You can be assured of accurate, reliable, and fast results with Tiger Testing.

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    Tiger Testing does not provide test results over the phone, email or tawk chat to individuals. Please contact your employer for all test results. If you were tested in North Carolina and got a text from Radeas Labs | Tiger Testing, please call 919-263-1150 or visit for test results. Thank you.

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