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Tiger Testing is a world-class turnkey service provider offering COVID-19 testing solutions for large corporations. Our goal is to assist in getting your personnel to work quickly and efficiently through a mass testing setup. Tiger Testing works with a network of medical professionals to perform tests on 50 - 5,000 personnel at your office or designated location.

Tiger Testing is able to offer organizations onsite workforce testing customized to match their unique needs. Our response teams can offer an array of best-in-class Covid-19 testing technologies, administered by clinical professionals, and processed in registered CLIA Labs.   
-       We Will Come to You
-       Customized to Your Unique Needs
-       Onsite Workforce COVID-19 Testing
-       Processed in Registered CLIA Labs
-       Administered by Clinical Professionals

Who Will Benefit From Our Services

Tiger has a long and diverse history in providing emergency response services to our industry and communities. For years, the Tiger team has gone where others would not to provide assistance in times of crisis. From providing equipment, food and lodging to a communications provider in Puerto Rico after hurricanes all but destroyed the island, to creating a fix for the City of Beaumont when their water treatment plant was broken from the floodwaters of hurricane Harvey, Tiger has been at the forefront of it all. Whenever there is a need, you can count on Tiger to "Make it Happen.

When the world was devastated by the effects of the COVID-19 virus, Tiger stepped up to the plate and began solving the issue of mass testing requirements so large corporations could get employees back to work. We have purchased multiple testing machines and developed a network of labs to execute large scale testing for corporations in a myriad of industries such as:

Oil and Gas (offshore/onshore rigs, production platforms, refineries/chemical plants, and more)
Food Industry
- Telecommunications
- Manufacturers
- Office Buildings
- Airline/Airports
- Universities/Schools
- Sports Teams/Sports Arenas
- Government Agencies

Tiger's Focus

When you work with Tiger, you get professionals who takes care of the testing procedure from start to finish. We are cognizant of the difficulty in getting large amounts of people tested at one time and we understand the hard decisions employers have to make in allowing personnel back into the workplace - virus free. Our team of expert professionals will handle it all with our turnkey solutions and network of medical professionals.

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